Competition winners announced
Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 10:36AM
Matthew S Wilson in News

After much deliberation, I've picked the winners for The Devil's in the Detail casting competition. The quality of the entries was stellar and I was amazed at the range of actors selected for each character. For example, I always had Susan Boyle in mind for playing Olivia, yet there were some absolute stunners selected!

I think that this competion has really highlighted to me one of the joys of reading: it's absolutely up to the reader to determine what they think the characters look and sound like. Judging from the entries, you all have great imaginations (and taste). Great job! We now just need to turn the novel into a screenplay, sign up the actors, get Jason Reitman to agree to direct and get this thing made. Who's with me?!

An enormous thanks to everyone who entered. You can view the winners by clicking here. Let me know what you think of the selected cast. Good luck!

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