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A Little Library

Last week I stumbled upon a cool little library in Melbourne Central. I use the term "library", but it doesn't require a library card and there are no late fees.

The Little Library is a community initiative that operates on an honour system, allowing people to swap their pre-loved books for other ones. I think it's an awesome idea, perfect for travellers or those who simply need a little sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of shoppers with pointy elbows.

I donated a copy of The Devil's in the Detail with a little hand-written message inside. My hope is that those that read it send me a message and we get to track it around the globe here on my website. Sort of like a message in a bottle.... without the bottle.

And it possibly won't travel in the water.

Ok, so it's nothing like a message in a bottle. But check out the Little Library if you have time.

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