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Last minute Christmas gift?

Hey all - a couple of Melbourne readers have asked how they can grab a copy of The Devil's in the Detail in time for Christmas. There are still a couple of copies available at Readings in Carlton, the Hill of Content on Collins St and Avenue Bookstore in Albert Park. All are open today and tomorrow.

Additionally, I just wanted to beat the Christmas rush by thanking everyone for their support this year. Seeing such an incredibly positive response to my novel has been both humbling and exciting. Every recommendation, whether an online review, a Facebook 'like' or simply word of mouth, has been very much appreciated.

Wishing everyone a relaxed and fun time over the Christmas break. I'm spending it up in NSW with my family (and hope to get lots of writing done). Looking forward to 2013 and releasing the second novel. Glad to have you aboard for the journey :)


PS: Competition closes tomorrow night! Winners announced in the New Year!


Hollywood buys the rights to The Devil's in the Detail!

Ok, so that was a lie. But it does beg the question: What if the film rights to The Devil's in the Detail are picked up by a Hollywood producer? Who would play the characters in the novel?

To explore this question, I'm excited to announce a competition, asking people to name the actors that they think should play the characters in the novel.

Click here for details on how to enter. Prizes include a signed copy of the novel, a signed copy of my next novel or your name casually mentioned in my second novel!

That's right, you (or your partner's, boss', sibling's, children's name) could be mentioned in my next novel. Share this message with as many people as you can, finish reading the novel and get casting today!

Good luck!


Feature Article: The Indie Spotlight

 The Indie Spotlight is one of the web's leading sites for showcasing independent authors. I'm thrilled that they've selected me for an interview. Click here to check it out.



eBook is launched

Amid all of the excitement of last week's official launch, I almost forget to mention that The Devil's in the Detail is now available an an eBook! So if you've given up on paper (whether to save the trees or simply to have another shiny gadget), you'll be pleased to know that the novel is now also available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod, the Kindle and the Kobo.

Click here to see where you can buy the eBook.


Q&A with Author

The Devil's in the Detail was officially launched at a function in Port Melbourne on Thursday 18th October. The night was a resounding success, with over 70 people attending and every last copy of the novel being sold! The night exceeded my expectations and I'd like to thank-you to everyone for their support. In particular I'd like to thank my good friend Rowan, who did a sterling job hosting the night. For those who were unable to attend, take the time watch a video of Rowan grilling me about the book. Forget about my budding writing career, what do we all think of his propsects as an interviewer? Move over Parky and Wossy!