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Independent reviews from book blogging sites for The Devil's in the Detail:


Carpe Librum

 "The Devil's In The Detail has it all really, action, suspense, pop culture references (I particularly enjoyed the music references while other readers will enjoy the sport in the background) and a nice surprise at the end. At times funny, and at times painfully real and moving, The Devil's In The Detail is thought provoking regardless of your religious beliefs or thoughts about life after death. I commend this Melbourne based author on his successful debut novel."  (Full review)


The Bookshelf Gargoyle

"I felt very comfortable falling straight into Wilson’s world, which contained elements of Christian, Jewish and Buddhist religious traditions as well as some interjections from Dante and Greek mythology, and some wholly original bits and bobs.  I’m not sure what I expected on reading the blurb, but I was surprised by the reflective, philosophical nature of parts of the book." (Full review)


Great Aussie Reads

"This is very lively and thought provoking book. Matthew S Wilson has placed you the reader in the public gallery of the trial of David Shepherd and his entry to either Heaven or Hell. ... Some pathos and intrigue make this a telling story.

The author has developed a story that could easily make it to the big screen and the characters are hilarious. All in all, a great read and would recommend to anyone with a sense of humour." (Full review)


And here is what others are saying about The Devil's in the Detail

"This clever novel catches the reader from the very first page. Presenting an emotionally charged, unique, often poignant but frequently very funny perspective of how we live our lives, the story jumps seamlessly between the past actions of the main protagonist, David Shepherd, and the position in which he now finds himself. With an unexpected twist in the final pages, nobody in this tale is quite who they may seem. Wilson's style of writing remains very witty throughout this striking debut and I genuinely look forward to the next release from this fresh and individual novelist."    - Amazon UK

"I would recommend this book to everyone, soon as I started it I couldn't put it down. Its a great story and its constantly keeping you on the edge the whole time. I love books which take you away into its world and this one definitely did. It really is a great book and one you remember after you finished." - Amazon

"Loved this book. Matthew S Wilson writes with a style full of witty observation of human behaviour and relationships, with interesting plot twists that question the assumptions made by both the characters in his story and you as a reader looking into their lives. It is a funny, well written and often very touching novel, I found myself not being able to put it down. It's exciting to find a new writer with such a unique and talented debut, I highly recommend it." - Amazon


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