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The Devil's in the Detail is available in paperback from the following vendors:

Book Depository - Free postage worldwide

Amazon - Free delivery in the US

Amazon UK - Free delivery in the UK

Angus & Robertson - Australian based

For those in Melbourne, The Devil's in the Detail is available from some of Melbourne's best bookshops:

Avenue Bookstore - This charming bookshop in Albert Park is the perfect place to buy a book and enjoy a coffee at the nearby cafes

Hill of Content - Situated in the "Paris" end of Bourke Street, this book shop is the perfect option for book lovers who are based in the CBD, looking to pick up a good read on their lunch break

Readings Carlton - A Melbourne institution, Readings on Lygon Street, Carlton is a reader's paradise


The Devil's in the Detail is available as an eBook from the following vendors:

Apple iBook Store - for iPad, iPhone

Amazon - for Kindle

Amazon UK - for Kindle

Kobo Books - for Kobo